Legal and Practical Advice for Affected Students

United We Dream, an advocacy organization, also posted a “know your rights” document if caught in immigration enforcement actions as well as other resources.

The National Immigration Law Center offers practical advice on what immigrant students and scholars should do now, depending on whether they are inside or outside the U.S.

The Refugee Rights Project Know Your Rights includes up-to-date generic legal advice for affected immigrants. This document comes from the coalition of NGOs that includes the ACLU that is challenging the executive orders and providing legal assistance to affected immigrants.

The NAFSA Association of International Educators Travel Advisory for Nationals of Certain Countries Pursuant to Executive Order 13769 is the first place to go for up-to-date advice specific to students.

See a comprehensive list of campus statements for campus-specific contact details for legal assistance and other resources.

If you are approached by an immigration official inside the U.S.

United We Dream’s Know Your Rights document provides instructions for how to protect yourself if you are an immigrant and you are approached by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer. (tl;dr: Do not open doors; remain silent; do not sign anything; report it and record it; retain an attorney.)

If you are at an airport and need immediate assistance

Call your university’s offices and/or email the Refugee Rights Project’s airport hotline email. The hotline can refer you to a lawyer currently working at the airport where you arrived.

Assistance if you are stuck outside the U.S.

The Science Solidarity List connects scientists stuck outside the U.S. away from their home university by the Executive Orders. Students, seek hosts. Faculty outside the U.S., sign up to host!

Berkeley Undocumented Students Program Advice on Executive Orders

Denver University Sturm College of Law Constitutional Campus Clearinghouse

Penn State Law School Immigration After the Election resources

Advice from affected communities

Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee’s Toolkit to Understanding the Trump Administration’s Executive Order: Arab and Muslim Ban

Ajam Media Collective (Iranian, Central Asian, and Diaspora communities) #MuslimBan Resource Guide

Rapid-Response Guide for Sudanese and Sudanese-Americans in the U.S.