Faculty & Staff Allies of Students

We are a group of faculty and staff at colleges and universities across the U.S. who stand with our students, wherever they are from and whatever their status. The spreadsheet below includes a list of us – allies willing to help students on our campuses with advice and assistance navigating these uncertain times.

Faculty also need advice about what to say. We recommend the statement by three U.C. Riverside professors in Inside Higher Ed as a starting place.

We encourage faculty to:

  1. Make a short statement in your classes to indicate you are willing to talk to students on this issue and point them to this page to identify other supporters on campus. One example comes from a group of U.C. Irvine professors (authors of the above op-ed):

    [Name of your university] welcomes and supports students without regard to their immigration or citizenship status. I am a trained ally [OR] I personally support these university policies, and I am available to discuss campus resources and accommodations with you or any fellow student. Specialized services and consultations are available to students who are facing challenges related to their immigration status, or the status of their family members, through the [include key points of contact on campus.]

  2. Post a sign on your office door indicating you are an ally; and
  3. Educate yourself on resources on your campus.

To sign on as a campus faculty ally, willing to assist immigrant students on your campus, fill out our short form.